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Pink Laughter

Zany Entertainment

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All Members , Moderated

Pink Laughter is a visceral expression of joy, creativity, fantasy, imagination, "surreality", childlike curiosity, wonderment, elation, zanism and innovation. This is a state of being, a state of mind and an emotion. The magic and state of pink laughter can be invoked at any time, therefore...

This community is an entertainment community for those:

-who enjoy discussing and sharing knowledge on cinema.
-who enjoy watching eccentric and odd flash animations
-who enjoy joy speaking in cryptic phrases and riddles for fun and analysis
-who enjoy art of various genres and mediums
-who possess an eclectic taste in music and love to explore and share soundscapes
-who enjoy viewing unusual or highly entertaining pictures/websites
-who enjoy unconventional forms of fashion and design
-who enjoy creating unique and rewarding friendships with others
-who enjoy board/table/pc/console/card/word/online/etc games

Once in awhile politically incorrect humor and pictures will be posted...other than that community spamming, spamming in general, racial/sexist/homophobic antagonizing and trolling is not allowed.

maintained by biklar